Funding for National Guard to help Pa. long-term care facilities could soon run out

PITTSBURGH — The National Guard has stepped in to help long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania during the COVID-19 pandemic, but federal funding for that could run out as early as next month.

State officials gave an update Thursday on how the National Guard has helped long-term care facilities in the state so far.

“The National Guard served vital roles, both on the front lines providing health care support and behind the scenes by preparing and distributing meals for residents, efficiently disinfecting surfaces and labeling residents' personal belongings for safekeeping while the residents are temporarily moved around,” Pennsylvania Department of Aging Secretary Robert Torres said.

Officials are asking for the renewal of Title 32, a call that needs to be made by the federal government. State officials said it would allow the National Guard to continue serving in the same capacity it has been.

Now, the federal government pays for 75% of the costs, and the state pays the other 25%.