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Fundraiser for local football team under fire for raffling off pistol

BEAVER CO., Pa. — Every year, there is a huge fundraiser for the high school football team in the Riverside Beaver County School District.

And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, boosters held a virtual fundraiser this year, but one of the items they raffled off is causing plenty of controversy: a Glock pistol.

Boosters announced the winner on their Facebook page during a live video on Sunday, but that has since been removed.

The reaction among the community was mixed. Some told Channel 11 they thought it was in poor taste, while others didn’t see a problem with it.

The school district did not comment on the raffle, since the boosters are not part of a school organization; it’s a separate entity.

Booster president Christy Hughes said tickets are sold only to adults, and there are no rules against raffling off a handgun. This was the first time they did this, getting the idea from other organizations.

Hughes said they have followed every protocol and precaution, including background checks. She told Channel 11 the gun was a high-interest item, as tickets sold out in just four hours.

It’s unclear if the gun raffle will take place in future fundraisers.

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