Funeral expenses anonymously paid in full for Washington County woman killed in head-on crash

NORTH STRABANE TWP., Pa. — The family of a woman killed while driving home on Interstate 79 is speaking out for the first time. Holly Davis was just one exit from home when a driver going the wrong way hit her vehicle head-on.

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Her family has learned someone has anonymously paid for all of her funeral expenses.

Jamar Davis lost his mother last weekend. Holly Davis leaves behind her two sons and a 2-year-old grandson, who has spent the last few days asking where her grandmother is.

Holly was driving north on Interstate 79 near the Houston exit, as drivers were calling 911 to say someone was driving in the wrong direction. One of those drivers even captured some of it on cellphone video.

“She was just trying to get home on 79 and the other lady was coming up the wrong side of the interstate, hit my mom head-on. She passed instantly, she did not suffer,” explained Jamar Davis.

Kristina Coyne, 26, of Washington, was driving in the wrong direction on her way to a Pittsburgh hospital. Officials are still investigating.

Davis was a certified nursing assistant for more than 35 years. Her family says she was known for dancing with patients. As they were making funeral arrangements Tuesday, they discovered everything had been paid in full by someone anonymous.

“They told us not to worry if she had the best insurance or any insurance. An anonymous donor was going to take care of everything and that’s a blessing.” he said.

Holly’s family believes the anonymous donation came from someone she took care of.

“In my heart I think it’s going to be one of the patients she took care of, if I was a betting man.” Jamal said.