• HIDDEN HEROES: Wexford man among military caregivers celebrated by 'Today' Show


    WEXFORD, Pa. - The story of a Wexford man who cares for his 86-year-old veteran father was highlighted Thursday morning on the "Today" Show.

    In an hour dedicated to celebrating the “hidden heroes” -- military caregivers -- Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Tom Hanks co-hosted from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to share their stories.

    Robert Grier’s father, Robert Sr., served in Korea and Vietnam. He was in the Air Force and is a civil rights pioneer, helping to integrate sports and being the first person of color to play in the Sugar Bowl for the University of Pittsburgh in 1956.

    Robert Jr. became the primary caregiver to his father in 2011 after his mother, who died in 2016, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

    WATCH the Today Show’s story on Grier Jr. and other “hidden heroes” below:



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