• Homeless man who stabbed bridge inspector said devil told him to do it, police said


    WASHINGTON, D.C. - A building inspector, who once lived in the South Hills, was stabbed to death on a Washington, D.C., bridge on Thursday.

    Lance Ammons, a homeless man, is accused of stabbing Robert Bolich. He told police the devil told him to do it.

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    Ammons told police he was walking across the Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge and the devil was talking to him about the wrath of fornication. That's when police said he saw Bolich and attacked him with a pocket knife.

    The attack took place on a narrow pedestrian walkway where Bolich happened to be working as a contractor.

    Bolich once lived with his family on Rockwood Avenue in Mt. Lebanon.

    Ammons told police he moved to D.C. to prepare for the end of the world. He told them he had been living in the woods.




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