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Home's roof collapses as crews battle flames, bitter cold

BRADDOCK HILLS, Pa. — Flames shot through a home’s roof, causing it to collapse Tuesday morning in Braddock Hills.

The fire tore through the home on Fourth Street shortly before 1 a.m. Crews not only had to battle the flames, but also single-digit temperatures and sub-zero wind chills.

As crews worked to put out the intense flames, a sheet of ice formed on the road leading up to the home.


A big problem was getting it under control. A fire hydrant was frozen, making it difficult for firefighters to get water.

Patricia Ellis and her three children were in the home when the fire started. She said her son thought he heard water coming from the ceiling and she was concerned it would collapse.

When the family made it outside, they realized their home was on fire.

“I'm still in shock. I never expected this to happen. We just basically have what's on our backs. We will see what happens from here,” Ellis said.

No one was hurt.

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