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Investigation underway after complaints about cars breaking down with bad gasoline in Canonsburg

CANONSBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures Department is investigating after receiving complaints about cars breaking down after getting gas at a Canonsburg gas station. Inspectors got samples Wednesday from Sunoco on West Pike Street. The mayor of Canonsburg said his office and the police station also received complaints.

“I got calls yesterday from many residents in the community,” Rhome said. “On Sunday, I also experienced an issue after I filled up, but it corrected itself after a half-hour. Then it acted up later, and I took it to the mechanic (who) said it sounds like there might be water in the gas.”

While at the scene, managers expressed their anger about social media posts regarding their gas situation.

Managers at the Sunoco told Channel 11, “There is nothing to fix. No problem at all,” after expressing anger about social media posts regarding the situation.

One Facebook user said he drove a mile and broke down, and the autobody shop told him his gas tank was filled with 80% water. Another Facebook user said she drove home after getting gas, and the next morning her truck wouldn’t start. She had it towed to the dealership, and they told her there was water in the tank.

State inspectors said they’ll determine if there was any malicious intent -- either from the delivery company or the gas station -- or if it was an accident. They could issue fines. They added that, if any vehicle owners are looking for reimbursement for money spent getting towed and fixed, it will have to be handled civilly.

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