• Kennywood employees accused of taunting woman with disabilities after visit


    WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. - A woman is demanding something be done after she says her daughter and her friend, who is disabled, were taunted by Kennywood employees on the bus last Thursday after leaving the theme park. 

    Jennifer's Gaito's 14-year-old daughter said it all started when she was trying to help her mom's friend get her scooter onto a PAT bus. She claims about 10 or 11 park employees also boarded that bus and started making fun of them and threatening them. 


    "The point where they said they were going to get off the bus, my daughter was texting me hysterically the entire time," Gaito said.

    “I love Kennywood like with my whole entire heart, but I'm scared to go back. Because we don't have a car and we have to take the bus there and back. Knowing that they're going to be on the bus with us, and they're going to do this...it could happen again," said Gaito's 14-year-old daughter, who claims she was taunted.


    Port Authority police confirmed to Channel 11 they did remove Kennywood employees from a Port Authority bus to separate the two parties.

    No criminal charges were filed. 

    A spokesperson for Kennywood told Channel 11 they are taking the complaint very seriously and released the following statement:

    “We are extremely disappointed to hear of the incident alleged to have occurred on the bus Thursday night. Though this incident did not take place on park property, Kennywood expects a high standard of behavior from our staff, whether working or on their personal time. The behavior described is completely unacceptable. We have been in contact with the primary guests affected and the Port Authority Police, and will continue to work with them to identify the individuals involved and hold them accountable for their actions.” 

    “They may say that they're doing something, but I don't feel like something's being done," Gaito said. 

    Gaito said someone who was on the bus recorded the incident and they're now looking for video to help identify employees. 


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