Lady Gaga joined Joe Biden at Election Eve drive-in event in Pittsburgh

Lady Gaga joined presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, at a campaign event in Pittsburgh on Monday, on top of two other events in the area.

Joe Biden kicked off a canvas with union workers and union leaders at the Beaver County Community College. Beaver County is expected to be pivotal in this election.

Biden also spoke at a drive-in event in Homewood with African American community members. He talked about racial injustice and acknowledges those who have died at the hand of police.

He also spent a great deal of time talking about COVID-19, particularly how it is disproportionately impacting the Black community.

He said if he is elected president, he will begin getting the virus under control on the first day he’s in office.

A number of Black elected officials took to the stage before Biden arrived.

State Rep. Ed Gainey was one of them. He said it’s crucial for Black people to get out and vote.

Alumni from Woodland Hills High School showed up too. They are encouraging young people to get out and vote as well.

Biden’s last campaign event was simulcast in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. His running mate Sen. Kamala Harris and her husband spoke in Philly, and Biden took the stage in the Steel City. Lots of stars hit the stage from Patti Labelle, to John Legend and Lady Gaga.

The former vice president hit President Donald Trump hard on his handling of COVID-19. He also said Trump has divided the nation.

Biden said if he is elected president, there won’t be red states or blue states, there will just be the United States. He said the only thing that will tear America apart is America herself.

He started his campaign for the White House in southwestern Pennsylvania, and he ended it there as well.