Large tree crashes through roof of family’s home in Shaler Township

SHALER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A tree crashed down onto a family’s home as winds picked up Friday morning in Shaler Township.

The large tree went through the roof and knocked siding off the home on Belladonna Drive. Snapped branches covered nearly the entire front of the home.

The Schaltenbrand family was inside, already awake, when they started to hear creaking. The sound got louder and louder before the tree fell and broke through the roof.

Erika Schaltenbrand said her biggest concern was her son.

“I screamed his name, and when I heard his voice and I knew he was OK, everything else … just get out of the house. We have to get out,” she said.

When they tried to get out the front door, it was completely blocked. They had to get out of the house through the garage.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.