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Lawsuit accuses AHN, former female supervisor of racial discrimination, hostile environment

PITTSBURGH — A lawsuit accuses Allegheny Health Network and a former female supervisor of racial discrimination, creating a hostile work environment and retaliation.

“Basically it was so bad for Mr. Albert that it changed his working conditions,” said attorney Andrew Lacy.

Lacy’s client, Santos Albert, is the one behind the lawsuit. Lacy said he started working for AHN in 2017 and the racial remarks began soon after. The lawsuit said the former supervisor openly referred to former Pittsburgh Steelers running back as the N-word and sang Kanye West lyrics with the word in front of employees. It claims she told Albert he and another employee were “good Blacks.”

Lacy said Albert is suing for wrongful termination.

The suit said AHN conducted an investigation and fired the woman, but the employees who reported her were also let go in retaliation.