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Local businesses, residents offering help to Hurricane Harvey victims

BUTLER, Pa. — Thirty-nine people now are reported dead from Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.

Rescue teams have saved thousands of people and thousands more are in shelters right now.

The focus in Butler County is on helping the people in Texas get back on their feet.

Community members filled up a 53-foot tractor-trailer to take to Texas.


Hard-working, Butler County farmers are taking in tons of donations for people hard-hit in Houston. They don't know them, but they don't have to.

“We put on our pants one leg at a time just like everybody else,” said Natascha Cratty. “We're here to help the little guy.”

Cratty is one of the women who took to Facebook with her efforts and set up several trailers in Butler County.

The biggest one is in the parking lot of the Regal Theater.

JR Rumburg, who owns a local trucking business on Route 422, is donating the vehicles and the drivers, delivering all the items to a Houston pediatrician and a local race track for the animals.

“How can you not watch what's happening on TV and not want to come out and help?” he said.

Butler county jumps into action to help Harvey victims. Community members filling tractor trailers with all kinds of supplies. Info on how you can help in photo below. WPXI-TV Pittsburgh

Posted by WPXI Amy Marcinkiewicz on Thursday, August 31, 2017

The donations are coming in by the car full, people giving everything from toilet paper, diapers and cleaning supplies. Butler County is helping Harvey victims one truck at a time.

“We are uniting over this, we need to unite all the time,” Cratty said.

They are on their way to filling the truck up.

The big rig is expected to make the 21-hour drive sometime Friday or Saturday.

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