• Local couple gets married in hospital ICU after man's sudden heart issues


    PITTSBURGH - In just over a month, a Pennsylvania man went from healthy to hospitalized – and needing a heart transplant.

    PHOTOS: Local couple gets married in hospital ICU

    Matt Shilling was perfectly fine less than two months ago. Then in September, he was having trouble breathing, so he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

    Shilling was given an artificial heart to keep his blood pumping, and after a series of tests, doctors said he may need a heart transplant.

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    However, he first wanted to make the most of life by getting married to his girlfriend, Amy, on Friday at UPMC Presbyterian. 

    “It just refocused us and made this feel a lot more important as a new start,” Shilling said. 

    Watch the full emotional story as the couple tied the knot amid serious health troubles in the video above!



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