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Local mom says porch pirate stole expensive Christmas gift meant for daughters

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh mom is sounding the alarm after she said a thief snatched a package that contained a costly Christmas gift for her daughters.

“I was very shocked,” Annette Hall told Channel 11.

Hall is among the millions to fall victim to a porch pirate, a crime that always ramps up during the holidays.

And now, amid the pandemic, even more people are turning to online shopping than ever before.

“I hope the person who stole it needed it more than we did because ... you’re taking from a kid, that’s what’s kind of heartbreaking,” Hall said.

She said a package containing a Nintendo Switch was only outside of her Upper Lawrenceville home for about a half hour earlier this week when someone quickly stole it.

“Just like everybody else with the pandemic, we’re watching our money ... so we financed it.”

Hall said they have reached out to the company from which the item was purchased, along with the delivery company.

She shared her story on social media and has received a lot of support. Unfortunately, she is not aware of the incident having been caught on camera.

Experts recommend a number of tips to prevent this sort of crime:

  • Have your package delivered to work if possible
  • Have the package delivered to a friend or family member who will be home to receive it
  • Request that your package require a signature confirmation upon delivery
  • Request tracking information to ensure you’re home when the item is set to arrive
  • Have the package sent to the store or postal office
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