Pharmacies frustrated, furious over state’s continued problems with COVID-19 vaccine rollout

PITTSBURGH — Local pharmacies tell Channel 11 they’re frustrated and furious over the continued problems with the state’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Some owners said they don’t have any vaccine supply and don’t know when they will get more doses. Gov. Tom Wolf, however, guaranteed those doses are coming.

“I don’t have any vaccinations and I can’t get any. But the biggest frustration is I don’t have any answers if or when I’m getting anything,” said Adzema Pharmacy owner Jay Adzema. “I know all the little old ladies and old men. We deliver to them. They come in and want me to take care of them.”

He said he doesn’t have answers for the community he’s helped his whole life. His freezers are empty and 200 people are due for their second shot. They’re left waiting instead.

“They absolutely cut us off from doses. I haven’t had anything in a month,” Adzema said.

“I know that we have a lot more work to do,” said Gov. Tom Wolf during a news conference.

The state is promising those who are waiting for a second dose will get it within the CDC-recommended 42 day window.

Pharmacies are telling a different story, however, saying the probability of everyone getting their second dose on time becomes less likely by the day.

“The plan right now is putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound,” said Dr. Alex Lavella with Spartan Pharmacy.

“Until that shot is in your arm, you can’t guarantee you have a spot anywhere and I don’t think it’s fair for state residents to have to worry about it,” said Jamie Snyder, who is waiting for her second dose.

The state said everyone who got their first dose will get their second dose through the same provider. Those providers tell Channel 11 they’ve heard nothing and don’t want their customers to get their hopes up.