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Local principal reveals ‘alarming’ remote learning data

LEECHBURG, Pa. — While the principal of Kiski Area High School said remote learning isn’t a complete failure, it’s “alarming” to him how disengaged students are, Channel 11′s news exchange partners at TribLIVE reported.

Currently, the school is in a hybrid learning model.

Principal Chad Roland shared some data with Kiski Area School Board members at a meeting Wednesday.

The high school saw a significant increase in the number of students not submitting assignments.

Roland also pointed out that a year ago, only 82 students were failing 290 classes, TribLIVE reported. This year, 381 students are failing 1,062 classes.

However, Roland said some students, such as those taking advanced placement classes, are doing better this year.

Board members, according to TribLIVE, said the data didn’t surprise them considering each student is different and has different needs.

Roland said the data will be used as a “springboard” to see what can be changed immediately to help students, and what can be adjusted for next school year, TribLIVE reported.

The news out of the Kiski Area School District comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to release new guidance for schools -- putting focus on hand washing, masking, social distancing, cleaning and ventilation, along with contact tracing, isolation and quarantine.

A Biden administration official said the guidance will not suggest requiring teachers and staff to be vaccinated. Instead, vaccinations will be treated as an extra layer.