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Local singer attacked by 3 dogs while delivering package

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A woman is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by three dogs in Penn Township.

The details have been shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times.

The victim, Amy Demi, who works for UPS Inc., was attacked while delivering a package.

Demi is also known to her fans as the lead singer of Switch, a popular local band.


"I'm just so glad for everybody reaching out," Bob Armstrong, her boyfriend, said. "She gets a text or Facebook message, it takes her away from the situation, makes her smile for at least a second or so."

Demi is recovering at Allegheny General Hospital, waiting for a third surgery, after her boyfriend said she was viciously attacked by three German shepherds.

"After the first one attacked, the other two come out and joined in," Armstrong said. "She was yelling for help. The owner tried to get it off her and they kept circling around. He had to yell for his son."

According to police, the incident happened on Durst Road last week.

"She never heard the dogs, they weren't out when she approached the house," Armstrong said.

Armstrong told Channel 11 that Demi has injuries all over her body.

"Each knee. Multiple [bites] to each cheek. Arm. Hand. Other arm. Up in her chest. All her back was all scratched up," he said. "She's very thankful for UPS, the way they're treating her. Her co-workers, her family, her friends -- everyone has offered so much."

All three dogs were quarantined the day of the attack, according to Armstrong.

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