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Man accused of breaking into local home, shoving stolen jewelry into underwear

CECIL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police are searching for a suspect’s gun that he allegedly dropped in between breaking into a home, shoving a large amount of stolen jewelry into his underwear and attempting to escape on his motorcycle.

Neighbors on Network Drive in Southpointe are still shaken up after the burglary over the weekend.

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Police said surveillance video shows Paul Kelly lurking outside a family’s home before shooting the window out and running inside straight for their bedroom as the alarm blared.

Neighbors told Channel 11 they had already called police that night, saying he was outside their home and slashed their tires. Other neighbors reported him driving around repeatedly and, when his bike stalled, pushing it.

Officers were still nearby when the 911 call came, saying someone was breaking into a home. Police said Kelly tried to get away on his motorcycle, veered off the street and straight into the woods – where he crashed and took off running.

According to the police criminal complaint, Kelly told police he had a gun but didn’t know where it was. Officers told him he would be shot if he reached for his weapon.

Although, police said Kelly told them he “did not care and that he could have shot the officer.”

When they searched him, officers found a large amount of gold and pearl jewelry stuffed into his underwear, latex gloves, two knife sheaths and a holster with a loaded magazine.

But police are still searching for the gun.