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Man high on Xanax crashes into South Hills day care, police say

SOUTH HILLS — A mom whose child was inside the day care said this could have been so much worse, since all the kids were outside just five minutes earlier.

Jessica Hoffman is holding her kids closer tonight (video of this) — after a car crashed feet away from the South Park KinderCare yesterday — where her son was inside.

“Both of my children, I can’t stop hugging and squeezing and kissing them,” explained Hoffman.

You can still see tire tracks on the ground.

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A neighbor caught the scene moments after an Audi crashed into the day care’s fence and nearly backed up into police cruisers.

Police said Jacob Balcer was high on Xanax and was behind the wheel, as police were chasing him after his girlfriend called 911.

Before crashing into the day care fence, police said Balcer drove through multiple yards.

No one was hurt but Hoffman said it could have been so much worse.

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“It’s super selfish. I don’t think a sane person or sober person would deliberately drive into a children’s playground at a daycare center,” explained Hoffman. “That instantly made me sick to my stomach. And she said the children were outside playing 5 minutes prior to him crashing in there.”

The spokesperson for the day care said they’re grateful no one was hurt.

According to court dockets, Balcer has been charged with DUI in the past.