Man hit by car while riding an electric scooter searching for the person responsible

PITTSBURGH — Devante Blair was using an electric scooter to get to work, but he never made it because he says a car hit him then took off.

He said he is thankful for the firefighter and police officer who saw him lying in the street and came to his rescue. Now, he is at Allegheny General Hospital trying to recover from his injuries and is desperate to find the person who put him in this condition.

“Please turn yourself in to the police, because they are looking for you,” Blair said. “I’ve just been in a lot of pain. I can’t walk.”

It’s all because of what happened on Second Avenue in Hazelwood earlier this week.

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Blair was using an electric scooter to get to work when he heard the car behind him honking.

“I wasn’t in the middle of the road, so I let him pass and he disappeared. He turned up on a side street,” Blair said. “Then the red Impala hit me from behind. It threw me over his hood and I landed on the side of the Impala. I must have hit my knee because I broke a bone.”

Blair said the car took off.

“I was lying on the street for 10 minutes. A volunteer firefighter pulled up and a city police officer on a motorcycle stopped, and they stayed with me,” he said.

Blair had to get surgery and said he isn’t sure when he will be able to get back to work.

“I’m a dishwasher at UPMC hospital. I can’t do my job because of this person hitting me. I have to take care of my sick mom, and I can’t even do that.”

Blair and his brother, Michael Harston, are desperate for the driver to come forward.

“You messed up. You should be held accountable, and you should turn yourself in and be a good person. It’s not hard or complicated,” Harston said.

If you have any information about this incident, call the police.