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Man impersonating police officer punched by woman he pulled over in Allegheny County

NORTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man impersonated a police officer and pulled over a woman, who then punched him to get away, Pennsylvania State Police said.

The incident happened about 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 21 on Route 22 in North Fayette Township.

Police said the man, whom police are still searching for, pulled the woman over in a newer, dark-colored Ford F-150 that had red and white flashing lights mounted on the roof.

The woman stopped her car on the shoulder of Route 22 at the Imperial exit in North Fayette.

When the man approached the woman’s car, he asked her if she knew why she was being pulled over, police said. The woman asked if he was a police officer, at which point the man reached through the car window and grabbed for her.

“He reached in and grabbed her and actually ripped off a necklace she had on, causing scratches on her neck,” said Trooper Robert Broadwater from the Pennsylvania State Police.

The woman punched the man in the face and was able to drive away.

The man is described as white and in his 30s. He was wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie and a black hat with either the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Pittsburgh Pirates logo on the front. Longer, dark hair stuck out from under the hat.

“We are always going to wear our hats, we always have our gray shirts on, patches on our sleeves,” Broadwater said.

Reporter: “The fact that this guy apparently reached his hand in into the window, that’s not something a police officer would do?”

“No, not unless it’s a felony traffic stop, or if something’s in there. And in this particular case, that’s not what happened,” Broadwater said.

Broadwater shared tips for people who suspect they are being pulled over by an impersonator.

Here in Pennsylvania, if you get pulled over, the police lights behind you should be red and blue. In this case, when the victim looked in her rear view mirror, those lights were red and white. Additionally, you can ask for identification and wait to pull over until you see a well-lit area. Or you can call 911.

Anyone with information is asked to call PSP Pittsburgh at 412-299-1607.