• Man reaches into woman's purse to steal wallet while she sits in Shadyside restaurant


    PITTSBURGH - Surveillance video shows a crime anyone could fall victim to, when a man steals from a woman's purse and shoves her wallet down his pants at a popular local restaurant.

    "I feel completely violated," said Kaedy Knepshield. "The ease in which he did it and the fact that I looked into this man's eyes and nothing was there."

    She was eating lunch at Shady Grove in Shadyside.

    "When I stood up to leave the restaurant, I was like my purse is not as heavy as it's supposed to be," Knepshield said. "And I looked in it and I immediately told my friends, 'Someone stole my wallet.'"


    Surveillance video from inside the restaurant shows a man come over and sit directly behind her.

    The video then shows him reach down, pull something out of her purse, stuff it into the front of his pants, before he gets up and leaves.

    "I can't believe this was all happening right here," Knepshield said. "He rummaged through my friend's purse too. So to see how much he was really trying, what a pro he was."


    She filed a police report and told Channel 11 her bank informed her the man had charged roughly $2,800 at Target within 10 minutes.

    "We were able to get  a lot more angles," said Jade Wurst, the restaurant manager. "We were able to get more angles of the incident. We've been working with the police and the lady to help and hopefully try and find this guy."

    Police told the victim incidents like this are happening more often lately and they suggest keeping valuables in your pockets.



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