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Man returned to county to face sexual assault of foster child nearly 30 years ago

PITTSBURGH — A Maine man is now in the Allegheny County Jail after a Target 11 investigation into shocking allegations of child sex abuse decades ago resulted in criminal charges against two former foster parents.

Carl Gilbert was returned to Allegheny County to face multiple sex assault charges involving a foster child who was in his care in Mckeesport nearly 30 years ago.

Carlina Freeman told Target 11 that she had been molested and raped by her foster parents beginning at the age of 9.

At 14, she said her foster father got her pregnant, but Freeman said no charges were ever filed despite the fact that a paternity test revealed Gilbert was the father and that he admitted to it in court documents.

CYS declined to comment, but sources tell Target 11 this was a failure of CYS and the court system.

After our exclusive investigation, Allegheny County police launched their own criminal investigation and ultimately filed charges against Gilbert and his ex-wife, Matilda Omiecinski.

Omiecinski was arrested last month just outside Cleveland, Ohio where she lives now.

Gilbert, who now lives in Maine, was arrested last month. He had been in jail in Maine, but when Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies went to pick him up he suffered a medical emergency and was taken to a hospital and couldn’t travel.

Once he recovered about two weeks later, deputies returned to Maine and this time brought him back to the Allegheny County.

Both Gilbert and Omicinski are set to appear at a preliminary hearing later this month.