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Mom furious about tattoo daughter got during class at local high school

ROBINSON, Pa. — Tattoos done at a high school -- that’s what the mother of a 15-year-old Montour High School student said happened.

Shartisha Lee's daughter came home with a small cross on her wrist and now she wants to know how this happened during class.

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Lee's daughter told her mother another student gave her and others tattoos using a method called "stick and poke." She said it was done during study hall at the high school, while the teacher was in the room.

Now, Lee is worried for her daughter's health.

"First thing that’s going through my mind is all the diseases that people can get from getting tattoos," she said. "I pray that she's healthy, she's okay."

Lee told Channel 11 that someone at the Allegheny County Health Department said her daughter will have to get tested for Hepatitis A, B, C, Syphilis and HIV. However, they have to wait a month for doctors to detect any diseases.

While they wait, Lee's daughter and the other students involved have been suspended for three days.