• Mother feels cold case investigation into deaths of 2 boys has hit 'dead end'


    EVANS CITY, Pa. - After 16 years, a Butler County mother tells Channel 11 she feels as if she hit a dead end.

    "I do have faith, because that's the only faith I have left," Ailive Rausch said.

    In 2002, her 15-year-old son, Scott Fosnaught, and his friend, Shawn Baur, were hit and killed by a car on Cashdollar Road in Evans City. 

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    The driver was never caught. 

    "He's been living 16 years free, has his life. My son is under the ground. I've never had him back. But this person is living this long and not being held accountable," Rausch said.


    State police told Channel 11 they don't consider this a cold case and say they are still investigating, but they don't have any updates.

    Feeling helpless, Rausch said she wants the attorney general to step in.

    "I would like the police to invite the Attorney General Josh Shapiro and have this case wide open again. Have them come in with all their manpower and go with a clean slate," Rausch said.

    Over the years, she has enlisted the help of psychics to lead her to her son's killer, but no arrests have been made.

    Now, she's begging the attorney general to help her find the answers she's been looking for since 2002.

    "I would beg him beg him to come help me. Just come help me and find the person who killed my boy," Rausch said.  

    The boy's deaths have not been ruled accidental or homicide.

    No skid marks, broken glass or vehicle parts were found at the scene.

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