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Mother of five has been missing since September

PITTSBURGH — A mother of five has been missing since September.

Jessica Young, 35, was last seen leaving her boyfriend's house on Apple Street in the Lincoln-Lemington area.

She was supposed to babysit for someone the next day and never showed up.

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"I’ve been in a deep depression. I’m being honest. I wish I knew where my daughter was," Young's mother Adrianne Jeffrie said.

Jeffrie said there are a lot of things that just aren't adding up, including the allegation that her daughter left out of the back door of her boyfriend's house late at night.


She said the last time she spoke to police about her daughter's case was around Thanksgiving.

"Somebody purchased a ticket in her name going to Columbus, Ohio," Jeffrie said.

She said police showed her pictures of the person at the bus station, but said they were blurry and hard to make out

"The one they showed to me, I don’t think it was her," Jeffrie said.

She says her life won't be normal unless her daughter is in it.

"I’ve not been able to eat. Barely able to sleep. I've been depending on friends," Jeffrie said.