Much anticipated Southern Beltway to open in upcoming weeks

WASHINGTON COUNTY — Channel 11 gave you the first look at the Southern Beltway, a major highway project that once finished, will connect I-79 to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

We are days away from big local changes in transportation, including the much-anticipated Southern Beltway. A lot of people in Washington County are very excited about it since this will make it much easier to get to the airport.

“I cant wait for it to open,” said Janet Yenchik of Canonsburg. “It will be great to avoid the parkway to get to the airport.”

The Southern Beltway will open Friday Oct. 15, connecting I-79 to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The road project has been in the works since 2013 to help alleviate traffic on the Parkway West.

Yenchik, who lives in Canonsburg, said she flies several times a year, so this new major highway will save her a lot of time driving to the airport.

Meanwhile, the airport is making some upgrades. The airport announced Friday it’s breaking ground next week for a new modern terminal and parking facilities with lleading-edge technology.

“I think it would be a benefit to a lot of flyers, particularly people who use the airport on a regular basis,” said Bill Norbutt, of Canonsburg.

The new terminal will cost $1.39 billion and is scheduled to open in early 2025.