• New video raising questions about police, motorcycle club fight inside South Side bar


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11 has obtained exclusive new video of the bar fight involving undercover police officers and members of the Pagan's motorcycle club.

    The new video is raising new questions about what really happened inside that bar.

    In the video, one of the undercover officers said, "I love being a cop."

    Target 11 has learned that the city's Office of Municipal investigations is now looking into the altercation.

    Officers were investigating complaints of drug activity at Kopy's Bar on South 21st Street on the South Side.

    According to police paperwork, the officers called for backup because someone identified them as police and one of the four men pushed a detective, leading to the fight.


    At one point, a uniformed officer even pepper sprayed one of the undercover officers.

    Four Pagan's were charged aggravated assault.  They are scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing Tuesday morning. 

    The Pittsburgh Public Safety Department issued the following statement:

    This is an ongoing investigation. To maintain the integrity of the investigation, we cannot offer comment at this time except to say that police are reviewing all evidence, including video.

    In addition to OMI, the Citizen's Police review board is also looking into this.

    Multiple sources tell Channel 11 that there are questions about how much alcohol those undercover officers consumed while in the bar. 


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