• 'Who killed Nicole?' Woman wants answers in foster daughter's 2017 murder


    PITTSBURGH - A young mother was shot to death while holding her baby daughter in her arms in 2017.

    Now, her family is speaking publicly about the case for the first time.

    More than a year later, they are struggling to find a path forward as they pray for justice for Nicole Dailey.

    "Nicki was very outgoing. She was a very active member in the church," said Lakesha Lowry. Although she was her foster mother, Lowry said Dailey was more like a biological child.


    "I just heard Nikki got shot five times,” Lowry recalled of Aug. 6, 2017. “The police asked me, 'Who are you?' I said, 'I’m her mom.' They said just to get to Allegheny General. I said, 'Where’s the baby?' They said the baby is fine.'"

    A year and a half later, no one knows who killed Dailey.

    "Who would kill Nicki? 'Cause Nicki was loved by everybody," Lowry said. "There’s no new leads and there’s no suspects. That was the last thing I heard from detectives."

    Lowry told Channel 11 she used to call detectives once a week. Recently she's called them a few times a month.

    "I know they're busy and they have reassured me that this is not a cold case," Lowry said. 

    Police told Channel 11 they have had trouble getting witnesses to come forward, but they are not calling it a cold case yet.



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