Numerous crews battle large fire at commercial building in Crafton

CRAFTON, Pa. — The fire is out, but you can still see crews at the Knights of Columbus building in Crafton. They are still putting down foam to put out hot spots.

Our chopper was also over the scene shortly after the fire started on 10 West Crafton Ave just before 1 p.m.

When the fire was under control, Channel 11 had a chance to speak with Crafton’s fire chief, who told us when a roof collapses, the fire is harder to fight because the flames are contained under the middle of the roof almost like a bonfire.

“What caused the fire and how long it had a head start in there before we arrived, those types of things will be up to the investigation team; and to decide what happened prior to us arriving and why did the roof fail so fast,” said Mike Crown, Crafton Fire Department chief.

Before the fire started there were construction workers here, but it’s still unclear what they were doing and it’s unclear if anyone was inside the building when the fire started.

One firefighter was transported to the hospital for heat exhaustion. We’ve been told he’s already out of the hospital.