Pa. gas industry leaders react to democratic candidates’ proposals on fracking

A major issue that will have an impact on the Democratic presidential primary in Pennsylvania is fracking.

During Wednesday’s debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders faced questions about his proposed fracking ban. He fired back, claiming his green new deal would create 20 million new jobs and preserve the planet.

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“This is a moral issues my friends. We have to take responsibility of making sure that the planet we leave our children and grandchildren is a planet that is healthy and habitable,” Sanders said.

A fracking ban in Pennsylvania, according to a recent study, would result in the loss of 600,000 jobs and a $261 billion hit to the economy.

Other candidates stopped short of calling for a ban, while Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said he supports a move away from fossil fuels to green tech.

However, he has not voiced support for a ban on fracking.