Parents file another lawsuit against Canon-McMillan

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — The Canon-McMillan school district is facing another legal challenge.

A lawsuit filed on Friday alleges the rights of students were violated when they were asked for personal and medical information as part of the district’s COVID-19 contact tracing efforts.

“This lawsuit isn’t about vaccines, it’s not about masks, it’s about following the law,” said attorney Lane Turturice.

According to documents filed in court, parents claim their children were required to divulge personal medical information and undergo medical examinations in front of other students, all of which happened without parental consent.

“They have formulated a policy and allowed it to be implemented in a way that has drastically infringed on the individual rights in privacy of students and parents,” Turturice said. “We are asking a judge to put the school district’s policies and practices under a microscope and determine whether or not those policies and procedures are in conformity with the law.”

This latest suit comes just weeks after a judge struck down another lawsuit filed by parents who were seeking mandatory masking for the Canon-McMillan school district.