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Parents furious over plans to build 5G cell antenna just feet away from elementary school

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Some parents are furious over plans to put a 5G cell antenna right across the street from a Hampton Township elementary school.

Cellphone towers are not uncommon, but the one that could go up near Poff Elementary is much more powerful.

One parent told Channel 11 he is worried about the health risks to his family.

"I can't stand here and prove that it does cause these problems, (but) I don't feel the communication companies can prove that they don't. So why take the risk with the kids?" said Josh DeMasi, whose two children go to Poff.

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Crown Castle is the company that wants to install the tower. They said it is a "cell node," not a cell tower, and it will be just over 30 feet tall.

Their goal is to produce better service in the township.

The proposed tower would only be feet away from the school.

"It's scary. Our job is to protect our kids, and they don't ask for this," DeMasi said. "So, this is something we need to step in as parents and try to protect them at all costs."

Crown Castle issued a statement quoting a 2019 New York Times article about the safety of these towers, noting that the effects of electromagnetic radiation are safer at higher frequencies.

You can read the full statement below:

Crown Castle builds communications infrastructure that serves as the foundation for mobile connectivity in towns across the US. The safety of RF emissions has been extensively studied for more than 60 years. This research is subject to constant review by government agencies, and the FCC has established RF emission guidelines for all communications equipment. The scientific and health communities have all come to the same general conclusion--there are no established health hazards from exposure to RF emissions within the established FCC guidelines.