Parents left figuring out way to school after hundreds of PPS students without busing

PITTSBURGH — The parents of nearly 200 Pittsburgh Public Schools students are scrambling to find a way for their kids to get school with less than a day before the first day of class.

District officials said there simply are not enough bus seats available and they’re asking parents to consider having kids walk to school, use Port Authority transportation or drive their students themselves.

“Now here we are less than 24 hours and looks like he doesn’t have a seat,” said Teonda Primer-Burden.

Primer-Burden said she and her husband now have to rearrange their work schedules because of this.

“I’ll be waking up two hours early to begin work at 6 a.m. so I can leave work at 8:30 and drop him off at school,” she said.

District officials said they are making progress hiring and training more bus drivers, but for some families it is not quick enough. Families can get daily reimbursement for transporting their kids until the district can get a driver for their bus route. For those who can’t drive, they’re urged to get Port Authority cards.