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PennDOT reviewing work zone after 2 school bus crashes

ADAMS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The stretch of Route 228 where a school bus with 40 students on board crashed Monday has been under construction since March.

In July, a bus crashed, sending the driver to a hospital. No students were on board.

Since Monday's crash, Channel 11's Jennifer Tomazic started looking into the number of accidents in the construction zone on Route 228.


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials told Channel 11 there have been three accidents in this area since April; two involved school buses.

Monday's accident sent 28 kids to the hospital to be checked out after the bus driver hit a jersey barrier in the construction zone and the bus rolled down an embankment.

PennDOT officials told Channel 11 they are reviewing the work zone setup. The contractor is currently working on the pavement where there's a drop off and jersey barrier.

"The amount of vehicles tracking through there in a day, and being a construction zone - a lot of activity going there. It could result in drivers taking their eye-off the road," Adams Township Police Chief Shawn Anglum said.

Police said the guide rail wasn't replaced after the first bus crash in July. Officials told Channel 11 a guild rail could have possibly stopped the bus from going over the embankment but they won't know for sure until the investigation is complete.