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Pennsylvania pizza shop introduces 'hempperoni' pizza

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — A pizza shop in Johnstown has created a pizza with a unique ingredient.

Owner of Pizza Mia, John Jennings, created a "hempperoni" pizza, WJAC-TV reported.

It features leaves from a hemp plant.

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He began researching the subject when his 2-year-old son started having seizures.  Doctors asked him whether he ever looked into CBD therapy.

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"And I keep telling everybody, it's not marijuana," Jennings said. "It's healthy, not high. This is hemp.  It's CBD. It's got 50,000 uses. Google it. It's not going to be on every pizza, it will only be on the "hempperoni" pizza."

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Jennings said Hemp has helped his son deal with seizures and helped him when he broke his hip.