• People accused of hiding suspect in officer's death due in court


    PITTSBURGH - Police say Sherry Holt helped her son, Rahmael Holt, hide from police after he allegedly shot and killed a New Kensington police officer last month.

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    Police tracked down Rahmael Holt at his cousin’s house in Hazelwood three days after the shooting of Officer Brian Shaw.  

    On her way into court Tuesday, Channel 11 spoke exclusively with Sherry Holt.    


    Channel 11: “Did you help your son?” 

    Sherry Holt: “No.”  

    Channel 11: “You didn’t help him?”

    Sherry Holt: “No.” 

    What we know about Rahmael Sal Holt, the suspected killer of police Officer Brian Shaw

    Channel 11: “Police say you did.” 

    Sherry Holt: “Well, I didn’t.”

    Channel 11: “What do you think about what he’s accused of doing?”
    Sherry Holt: “I don’t know.”

    What we know about arrest of suspect in New Ken officer’s shooting

    Police say Sherry Holt initially told them she never saw her son after the shooting. She later admitted she did see him. 

    Investigators believe he stopped at her house in Homewood just hours after the shooting.   

    Sherry Holt’s hearing Tuesday was postponed because the public defenders’ office representing her told the judge there’s a conflict of interest because they represent another family member. 

    She refused to answer questions on her way out of the courthouse.

    Hearings for other family members facing similar charges were postponed until next week.


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