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People say chunks of concrete are crumbling from McKeesport bridge

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — McKeesport residents say chunks of concrete are crumbling from the bridge over Versailles Avenue and they fear something could happen before anyone gets a chance to fix it.

“The bridge is bad,” one resident tells Channel 11. “Even under the bottom, if you go down on the next street and look under, it shakes, you see all the guardrails are knocked down.”

Residents are right — the bridge is in bad shape. It’s one of the dozens of bridges in our area rated in “poor condition.”

Down on Ravine Street, our crew could see exposed, rusted metal and crumbling concrete.

Up above, plates of metal cover holes, guide rails are missing, and residents tell Channel 11 they hold their breath when they go over it. Others say they detour to avoid the bridge at all costs.

A resident who has lived near the bridge for 25 years says she’s moving because she fears her home could shift. On top of that, she says the noise is unbearable.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible from 10 at night to almost 4 in the morning.”

Other residents tell Channel 11 their homes shake when people drive over the bridge. For safety reasons following an October 2021 inspection, the bridge has a weight limit and is restricted to one lane, which is also causing road rage. Our crew saw it firsthand.

“People jumping out of their cars getting ready to get in a fight,” residents say. “We just want it fixed. What’s the problem and why is it taking so long?”

The mayor of McKeesport says $10 million is needed to fix this bridge and it’s money that isn’t easy for a city to come up with.

The city of McKeesport is working with Congressman Mike Doyle and Senator Jim Brewster to raise the millions needed, but it’s not a simple process. The mayor of McKeesport assures residents the city will shut down the bridge if inspectors say anyone is in danger.

In the meantime, contractors will assess what needs to be fixed and get an estimate for what the final bill will be, so they can hit the ground running with repairs once the funding is there.