Fight at Wilkinsburg gas pump leads to man shot in leg

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — An employee at the Marathon gas station on Penn Avenue in Wilkinsburg told Channel 11 they saw some sort of argument between two men before gunfire erupted around 5 a.m. Friday.

“I said ‘Oh Lord, what’s wrong now?’ and they said ‘Please get over there,’” manager Donald Jones said. “The ambulance took the person and the police was all here, so I had to let them in and they searched the whole building to make sure I was all right.”

Wilkinsburg police said the victim was shot in the leg at pump three. It’s not clear if the two men knew each other.

“We are a family store and people coming in here, especially me, I treat everybody nice and I want them to go ahead and have them buy what they want to buy and be peaceful,” Jones said.

“I come here a lot. I come here and play the games and sometimes, I am scared if I win a little bit of money,” Kathleen McClendon said.

McClendon said she stops by the store daily and is worried about the violence.

Police said they are poring over surveillance video and hope if anyone knows anything, they’ll come forward.