• Third-party veterinarian evaluates malnourished puppy


    FRAZER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Frazer Township police investigated after they were made aware of a Facebook post with pictures of a boxer at the Petland in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.

    Police said they observed the dog in person and Animal Protectors of New Kensington were also made aware of the situation.

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    Several individuals associated with Animal Protectors investigated and deemed the dog to not be malnourished. However, a statement from spokesperson Jim Ritchie later that indicated those people had no authority to represent the shelter.

    "Animal Protectors is not qualified to make this determination - we are not veterinarians. We care deeply about animals in situations such as this and would always represent the needs of the animal," he said.


    The Humane Animal Rescue also posted about the boxer, saying their CEO, Dan Rossi, personally visited the store and spoke with the manager, who let him meet the dog.

    They said," The dog in question was alert, eating, and functioning normally" and that there was "nothing illegal or inhumane observed."

    The Humane Animal Rescue said they were told the dog was brought into the store in that condition earlier in the week.

    Hear more from police about their investigation HERE.

    They said all other dogs appeared to be a healthy weight and in good condition. 

    Police tell Channel 11 they are now working with Becky Morrow, a third-party veterinarian.

    "It's at a rating scale of basically a one to five, with three being normal, one being the thinnest. I put the dog right now at a 1.5," she told Channel 11.


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