Pfizer to offer smaller shipment sizes of COVID-19 vaccine doses

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As demand for the COVID-19  vaccine continues to decline in some parts of the country, Pfizer is offering smaller shipment sizes.

When the first coronavirus vaccines were authorized for use and shipped out across the U.S., securing an appointment to get the shot proved to be quite a challenge.

But now, vaccine demand is tapering off in some areas.

Americans have more options for getting vaccinated, with places like pharmacies and even small, local clinics offering shots.

And that poses a problem for mass-vaccination sites.

Shrinking lines mean fewer shots are needed at those bigger sites. Those facilities can be left with extra doses of the vaccine, but no one to inoculate.

A drop in vaccine demand is partly due to vaccine hesitancy.

Some Americans still aren’t sure they’ll get the shot.

To keep up with the changing demand, Pfizer says it will begin to offer smaller coronavirus vaccine shipment sizes at the end of May to give vaccination sites more flexibility.

The new shipments will contain as few as 450 vaccine doses – compared to nearly 1,200 before.