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Pittsburgh business reopens in new location after being destroyed by East Carson fire

PITTSBURGH — A massive fire destroyed a South Side building back in February causing it to collapse. It housed the South Side Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center, apartments, and J’s Master Barbershop.

The owner, Justin Lutheran is beyond thrilled to finally open his business back up after it burned to the ground more than eight months ago.

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“I was really sad and I was hurt. A lot of memories were lost but I knew it was a start for new beginnings for everybody and we can move forward, " said Justin Lutheran.

There’s now an empty lot where the fire destroyed that building. Lutheran moved his barbershop across the street from its original location about a half a block away. He said it was important to stay on East Carson Street.

“It was very big for us to stay on Carson as close to the old shop we can because we built such a relationship down here,” said Lutheran.

But it wasn’t easy rebuilding. He said due to covid, it took longer to get a permit and license. Crime in the area has also been a problem.

“After we got the lease for the building, we were working one night and a stray bullet flew through our top window,” Lutheran.

Two weeks ago, he said someone shattered his front window, but Lutheran said police have done a great job recently cracking down on crime.

“You can see the police officers patrolling and conducting traffic,” said Lutheran. ‘There are a lot of positive changes they have made, and I actually feel safe moving forward.”

Lutheran said this is a new beginning. The barbershop officially opened over the weekend at 1009 East Carson Street. It’s open Tuesday through Saturday. You can now book an appointment and they do accept walk ins.

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