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Pittsburgh neighborhood takes matters into their own hands to curb speeding issues

PITTSBURGH — For 20 years, residents of Pittsburgh’s North Side neighborhood said they’ve been fighting to get something done on their street before a life is lost.

People blow right through stop signs and two children have been struck by cars on Jacksonia Street over the last decade, according to neighbors.

“People fly through it; 50-60 even higher speeds than that,” said resident Rebecca Tardy-Brown.

Frustrated neighbors said they got tired of waiting, so they went on Amazon and ordered a speed bump. They hammered the seven stakes into the asphalt themselves.

They hope the speed bump stays, but if it has to come out, they hope the city can put one in for them.

Channel 11 reached out to the city to ask if neighbors can install their own speed bumps or if they can be cited for doing so and a spokesperson for Mayor Bill Peduto’s office says they are investigating the issue, and will contact the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.

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