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Pittsburgh parking mobile app releases results of investigation into data hack

PITTSBURGH — More than 20 million users had their information stolen after a major parking app hack in March. The Pittsburgh Parking Authority asked people who use their Park Mobile app to change their passwords.

Park Mobile said hackers were able to steal passwords even though the data was encrypted.

The Go Mobile PGH team concluded their investigation into the situation and found the following key points:

  • No credit card information was accessed.
  • No information related to a user’s parking transaction history was accessed.
  • Only general account information was accessed. This includes license plate numbers, as well as email addresses, phone numbers, and vehicle nicknames if provided. In a small percentage of cases, mailing addresses were also affected.
  • Encrypted passwords were accessed, but not the keys required to read them.
  • The company does not collect Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers or dates of birth.

Out of caution, they also notified law enforcement about the hack.