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Pittsburgh Police announce boost to safety measures in the South Side

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Police are beefing up safety and security measures in the South Side now that people are starting to return to the area.

On East Carson Street the increased volume of people has resulted in crowded sidewalks, pedestrians flowing into the road amid traffic and parked vehicles blocking safety lanes.

“It’s always dangerous crossing the streets because they are so narrow. It’s hard to see cars coming out, people coming out - especially at night,” said South Side resident Akhu Black.

There have also been fistfights, pedestrians struck by vehicles, and incidents of gun violence.

“While we are glad that Pittsburgh is returning to some semblance of normalcy since the height of the pandemic, the situation on the South Side has become dangerous and untenable,” said Public Safety Director, Wendell Hissrich. “First responder vehicles must have access to East Carson in case of an emergency and overcrowded sidewalks pose hazards to pedestrians who then spill onto the streets and into vehicle traffic. Without changes, someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed.”

Beginning Friday, July 2, 2021 Pittsburgh Police will first be issuing warnings and then citations to those who obstruct public passageways.

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If people don’t comply to these, there may be physical arrests. The citations could carry fines of up to $300, plus court costs.

Police motorcycle and bicycle units will also be in place to enforce parking.

All vehicles in violation of the posted measures will be towed.