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Police searching for suspects who allegedly burglarized luxury Pittsburgh apartment

PITTSBURGH — It was a brazen burglary in broad daylight, like something out of an action movie.

“It’s kind of crazy and you’re like, wow that would never happen in real life because that’s just silly,” said Michael Rhodes of Pittsburgh. “The fact that it happened in real life is shocking to me.”

Police said that four people, three men and one woman, are accused of ransacking a high-end apartment in Station Square earlier this month.

The robbery happened in the middle of the day.

Police said two of the men were caught in the act of wheeling out a safe on an office chair. The safe was wrapped in a blanket. The two men went towards Carson Street with the safe.

According to police, the safe contained five guns, a large amount of money, expensive jewelry, valuables and paperwork.

Police said they believe the suspects could be house cleaners who live or work in the Mount Washington area.

The people 11 News talked to said it must be someone who knew what was in the apartment and had access to it with a key or a badge.

Police are looking into more footage to determine where the four people went after the heist.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Pittsburgh Police.