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Pittsburgh public safety getting ready for possible coronavirus outbreak

PITTSBURGH — The City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department is preparing for a possible coronavirus outbreak in our area.

There have been no cases reported in our area yet, but public safety officials said they plan for all possibilities at all times.

The department has updated the city’s 2014 Pandemic Operational Plan.

Contingency plans were added to ensure additional EMS workers and units, if needed.

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First responders have also been trained to identify the coronavirus and how to treat or isolate the person if necessary. They have all been provided with enhanced personal protection kits that include, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and protective eyewear.

All EMS vehicles are being checked to make sure they’re working properly.

“This is about being prepared,” Public Safety director Wendell Hissrich said. “While we are pleased that no cases have appeared in this area yet, we will be ready if any cases do appear here. We prepare for any and all types of threats, whether it be flooding concerns, large snowfalls, extreme heat, large gatherings in the city or presidential and dignitary visits. We always prepare, and we’ll be prepared for this as well.”

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