Pittsburgh Zoo prepared for reopening with significant changes

Pittsburgh Zoo prepared for reopening with significant changes

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Zoo is preparing to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Once it gets the green light from Gov. Tom Wolf, zoo officials said they will follow CDC guidelines by limiting people inside – along with several other notable changes.

The zoo is also implementing several safety protocols with staff and animals.

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“We are unique where we have the ability to do time ticketing to limit the amount of people who come in each hour,” said Dr. Barbara Baker, president and CEO of the zoo. “We have not had any issues here with our animal collection at all, so we are very blessed with that.”

The zoo is 77 acres, plenty of space for families to safely social distance and have fun.

The zoo is also not allowing guests to have close encounters with any animals until further notice. That’s to protect both wildlife and visitors from possible exposure.

When families can come to the zoo, they can expect to see signs and markers around reminding people to wear masks and to stay six feet apart.

“We have a rotating team of cleaners who are going to be cleaning the park every two hours all the way around the zoo,” said Baker.

Unfortunately, indoor amenities like the aquarium, water edge building and restaurant will remain closed.

When the time comes to reopen, anyone interested in visiting the zoo can find that information here.