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Police bust alleged human trafficking operation in hotel

Police busted what they're calling a human trafficking operation in a Cranberry Township hotel on Wednesday.

Police tell Channel 11 a call from an agent from the FBI’s human trafficking task force led them to a man named Oscar Carter in the hotel, where officers say he was running a human trafficking and prostitution operation.

According to the criminal complaint, the juvenile female he had under his control was picked up on a Pittsburgh prostitution sting and told police everything.

According to the police paperwork, she had a hotel key card and told officers that Carter recruited her out of Akron, Ohio.

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She said Carter drove her to Pittsburgh to conduct prostitution acts and that he ran the operation out of the hotel suite.

According to the complaint, police found all kinds of counterfeit credit and gift cards, false IDs and cell phones in the hotel room, along with a detailed log of prostitution appointments.


Carter is charged with trafficking individuals, meaning he allegedly benefited financially from recruiting and harboring a minor who was being subjected to sexual servitude.

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The complaint only mentions one girl, but police aren’t saying if there may be more people involved.