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Police close case involving death of Duquesne football player

PITTSBURGH — The case is closed into the death of a Duquesne University student athlete.

Marquis Jaylen Brown, 21, died in October when he jumped out of a window in Brottier Hall on the campus.

Drug testing shows that Brown had marijuana in his system.

According to a news release, Brown had been acting erratically that night, prompting several students to call 911.


Witnesses told police he threw a chair through the window before jumping.

Brown was a popular football player from Washington D.C.

His family and many students wanted more information than police were providing at the time of his death.

A family attorney told Channel 11 they wanted experts to look at Brown's brain to see if CTE played any role. Here's the full statement Lee Merritt sent in response to the findings:

"It took four months for Pittsburgh police to produce a report that insinuates marijuana caused an athlete in the prime of his life to jump 16 stories to his death from his dorm room window. This feckless report creates more questions than answers. What Jaylen Brown's family demands is answer to the more difficult questions. How did three trained police officers fail to prevent a student in crisis from going out of a window? What role, if any, did CTE and the recent concussion Brown suffered play? What steps did Duquesne, it's football program and/or the NCAA take to prevent this tragedy? We will continue to seek answers and fight for justice for Jaylen Brown."